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Sweet Evil

Sweet Evil - To quote Anna, wowza! You know, when I decided to read this book yesterday I wasn't expecting to like it as much as I did, nor did I expect to read it this fast. But I did. Boy, did I love this book.First of all, angels and demons, how can that be a bad plot? Right? I mean, it's nice to see other creatures getting attention. Plus, demons are HOTT. Yes, it needed that extra T :P I liked the mythology and how it was used. I liked the idea of guardian angels and whisperers and demon lords (or Dukes) and all that. And while you might think it's cliché that a half-angel, half-demon girl falls for the demon boy, it's such a good story, it doesn't even bother you. Or it didn't bother me.Speaking of love stories, if I had to pick the best love story I've read so far this year, this would be the one. I loved Kaidan so much. He was a smart-ass some of the times, a jerk a few times, but I realized he REALLY liked Anna and he cared for her. I do hope they end up together, because they have such a sweet connection. Also, Kaidan was hot :D I liked Anna. She is an easy girl to like and I was sad and angry for her a few times. There was this one scene where I literally wanted to jump into the scene and punch a guy. Not Kaidan, another guy. Kaidan was good with her ;)Oh, I hope we see more of Anna's father. I liked him a lot. And the way he bonded with Anna and how he cared for her was really special and it's one of those rare father-daughter relationships, one that I haven't found very often in books. So I was glad to see that in a book. I do hope the relationship between them will grow stronger and stronger.You basically have anything you can think of in this book: humor, suspense, drama, romance, the usual teenage angst, fantasy, you name it. The only thing I can think of that would've made this book even better would be if we had gotten to see things from Kaidan's perspective. Since it's told in 1st person from Anna's view, we don't exactly get to see what Kaidan really thinks or feels. You know I prefer multiple POVs, so maybe that's why I wanted Kaidan's POV also. Other than that, the book was great and I highly recommend it to anyone. Seriously. Go read it! I'm now going to bite my nails for the second book in this trilogy :)