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Walking Disaster - Jamie McGuire 4.5 starsForgive me if I start by ogling...err...staring admiring the prettiness of the cover *drools* *deep breath* Okay I'm back :DI have to say that I liked more being in Travis's head than in Abby's. For one, we got to understand Travis a lot more. I think the beginning of this book explains a lot about why Travis is the way he is and why he has trouble committing to someone. It also helped me understand why he's so jealous and possessive of Abby. I'm not saying it's normal, but it's a good reason. Then there's the part that proves me that I wasn't wrong when I thought Abby wasn't the innocent girl she seems to be. I think Walking Disaster shows how completely irrational she was at times. In certain moments I felt like she was more heartless than Travis was with his previous one night stands. At least Travis was honest with what he was offering those girls he met before Abby and what they shouldn't expect from him. Abby though was all smiles one minute and then the next she was completely opposite. Again, I think that had she been fully honest and talk with Travis and tell him exactly how her childhood was instead of just saying "it was bad" most of the fights and bad moments could have been avoided. Or at least they could have been just a little bit less difficult. What I loved was the ending. It was different and unexpected and I think it showed that both Abby and Travis finally matured and had that long talk they needed to have to sort things out. It was unique and perfect for these two.