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Ecstasy Claimed - Setta Jay

Last year I discovered this new gem in the romance/sci fi & fantasy section of Netgalley and holy moly am I in love with this series.


Ecstasy Claimed continues telling the story of how the Guardians are struggling to keep the people under their protection safe from Cyril's madness and Elizabeth's cruelty, while pushing them further towards their destined mates.


Alyssa is a fantastic heroine and I am super in love with her. I like that she didn't wait for Gregoire to find the courage to go get her, and instead went to become her own person when she found out about him. I also loved how she did that, the choices she made, even though it infuriated her mate (good for her!).


I understood why Gregoire decided to stay away from his mate, I really did. I also admired his self-control. He could have taken advantage of the situation, but he proved to be worthy of being a Guardian of the realms by not abusing the gift given to him. Although yes, I'll admit it, I did enjoy seeing him suffer a little bit because of his mate, because he did kind of deserve it. He could have at least let her know he existed, right?


The thing that I love most about this series is that it's not just about Gregoire and Alyssa, you also have Sam and Erik going forward with their relationship and starting to heal from what Cyril put them through. We also get to know more about Cyril and to understand how truly evil he is, making it pretty obvious that if he is as evil and deranged as he is, I can only imagine how his father, Apollo was.


I am very excited to read the rest of the series, which I'm currently bingeing on, and I'm even more excited about the upcoming spin-off. If you're a fan of paranormal fantasy, you definitely have to read this series, now!

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