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Velveteen - Daniel Marks DNFThis review is painful to write. You know I'm a cover lover. I love pretty covers, and this book has an amazing cover. (I know, I've said cover one too many times, sorry). But it is pretty. Dark and mysterious. And I like the idea that only the title is colored. Then there's the blurb and I loved the idea of a ghost getting to avenge their death. I thought that haunting (and maybe hunting) a serial killer was a great subject. Then I started reading it. Halfway through the book I realized that it had nothing to do with what the blurb had said. That's sad. I mean, why write a blurb for a story that's totally different in reality? I was really put off by that. I felt a little...well, cheated might be a harsh word, but there you go.The one thing that really made me give up reading was the language. I'm no prude. I have a bad mouth on a good day. But I'm not a pre-teen. They talked badly and then there was this entire "trend" with yelling, snapping, screaming or loud talking going on. I felt screamed at by characters. I'm actually very sorry I didn't get to finish this book. I liked the concept and the idea of someone not good enough to get into Heaven, but not fit to be in Hell either. Though I wonder what makes a kid not fit for Heaven. I would've wanted to see that. Or maybe see Velvet get revenge and drive her killer mad or something.