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My Ex From Hell - Tellulah Darling 4.5 starsOriginally published at Ruby's BooksI read this book a few days ago and the first thing I did after I finished it was to pray to the gods of books and release dates to give me a time machine to travel in the future and get the second book in the series right away because I need it *sniffle*.I think you all know by now how much I love mythology and Ancient gods and stories about them. So I needed to see what this book was about. Persephone and Hades and Zeus *swoons* I thought "this is a MUST READ book".I'm very happy I read it. I laughed like a lunatic at some scenes and I stood on the edge of my bed at others. My Ex From Hell was a very funny read. I'd share some quotes with you, but they're funnier in the context of the scene. Just be ready to laugh.Sophie was a very cool character. She was a little devious, but then if you think of who she was in her previous life, it makes perfect sense. She's also funny and she usually says something totally inappropriate in some scenes that require complete seriousness. I loved that about her.I loved Kai, the Prince of the Underworld. Even though I'm kind of mad at him right now for...well, you'll see (*grin*), he is quite charming. And very mysterious. He's hiding something, something big I think. And even though I understand why (he explains it very well to Sophie when she keeps asking him), I still want to know. But yes, he's as sexy and dangerous and lovable as you might think. And he's the Prince of the Underworld! That's like having the belt for Bad Boy Of The Entire Universe.The book ends with a cliffhanger that is quite big and I think it's safe for me to say that once you finish reading the book, you'll be left biting your nails and impatiently waiting for book 2, My Date From Hell.So. If you love Ancient mythology and YA mark your calendars on April 1st, when this book is released and read it!