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Stolen - Kelley Armstrong If the first book if this series, Bitten, was about werewolves only, we get to meet some very cool creatures in Stolen. Vampires (swoon), witches, shamans, sorcerers, demons, half-demons, and some creatures I haven't heard of before. I liked that part. While I loved Elena and her Pack mates, I was sure there had to be more creatures out there in this world. Glad I wasn't mistaken :)pI felt that the story was a little slow, slower than in the previous book, but not enough to bother me. Or maybe I was expecting a little more... let's say drama? Before you start throwing things at me, let me explain. While the idea of human scientists targeting and kidnapping supernatural creatures in order to understand what makes them tick is fantastic, I was expecting a lot more gruesome details. I was ready for the torture, in other words. The fact that they just observed them without much harm, only a complete physical check up, was a little baffling. Not a bad thing though, since I would've hated to see Elena or any of the others tortured, but still... (I'm not making any sense, am I? Sorry for that)If Clay and Jeremy managed to attract my attention in the first book, in this one Adam, the half-demon, made a very good impression. I'm actually hoping he'll be the HEA of a certain very young witch. In the future books, not now o.O Like, when she'll be twenty-ish. I also think he needs his own song. Something like I Love Playing with Fire (The Runaways