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Slave - Sherri Hayes Published also on my blog Ruby's Books You know how sometimes you read a book that manages to have this unique hold on you, both mentally and physically, that you feel drained after reading it? That's how I feel right now after reading Slave. It's not the bad kind of draining, it's just a testament to how much I loved the story. Maybe that's why I find it a bit hard to review it. The one thing that I'm completely grateful of is that we get both Stephan's and Brianna's views in this story. I think I would've been a mess had one of those be missing. Another thing that I found really surprising, in a pleasant way, was that this was one of those books that make you want to read each and every word carefully.The emotional journey you take while reading this story is also pretty amazing. I know I felt anger each time Stephan discovered more and more about Brianna's traumatic experiences, or I felt such a tenderness towards her that I wanted to be able to help her in some way. I also wanted to cry a few times. And I like the fact that by the end of the book we get to see an improved Brianna. She's not done recovering, that's for sure, and I am also sure of the fact that it won't be an easy period, but she was a little better than when the book started.I loved both Stephan and Brianna and I cannot describe to you how much I need to read the next book and find out what happens to them. I have the sneaky suspicion the second book, Need, is going to be even more interesting and emotionally engaging. And I'm ready for a certain someone to receive what they deserve. Well, actually several someones.