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Legacy of a Dreamer - Allie Jean When I started reading this book I didn't know what to expect. I haven't read many books with characters tormented by awful nightmares before. And the nightmares were awful.Speaking of nightmares, one of the things I loved about this book was how they were presented. They were very detailed and for me that was new. When I read dream sequences they are rarely this detailed and this vivid. Also, I know for sure that if I had dreams like that, I'd be scared of falling asleep.Chantal surprised me. A lot I might say. At first I had a very different opinion of who and what she was and why she was like that. I certainly didn't expect her to be related to the fallen angels. But I liked her from the very start. Maybe because she seemed like she needed a break, a new life, a fresh start. And how cool was it that she had an imaginary (well, not actually, but you'll see ;) ) friend made of a shadow? The last time I heard of something similar was in Peter Pan and I liked that idea so much. Also, she named him Nick, which is one of my favorite names :DSpeaking of Nick. I liked him. I thought he was such a sweetheart. He's the knight in shining armor type of guy and I'm so glad that Chantal gets to meet him. After her childhood, she really needed him. He's a warrior also, one that would give his own life to protect Chantal. And he loves her.The one thing that I loved above all else were the evil creatures in this book and I hope we get to see more in the upcoming books. You know how much I love sexy vampires, but it's been a while since they've been portrayed like the evil creatures they were first knows as. I think it's probably the first time since I read that in a book.This book is filled with suspense and, while it starts a little slow, once the action starts, it doesn't stop until the very end. There's also a little bit of horror, a little romance, some funny moments. So I say read it.Now to wait for the second book :)