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Temptation in a Kilt - Victoria  Roberts A guilty pleasure of mine as a reader (one of many) is historical romances set in the Highlands. There's just something about a sexy Scottish rogue, you know?I loved Temptation in a kilt, I really did. Ciaran MacGregor is one sexy man, very considerate, sweet, charming, strong and I could thing of some other qualities. I liked his honor and sense of duty most of all. He was willing to give up on the thing he wanted most in order to keep a promise and that means something. He's also incredibly stubborn and that was sometimes a little infuriating, but in a good way.Rosalia was such a sweetheart. I really liked her and at times, I wanted to go hit someone for the way her parents treated her. I was actually glad she managed to escape them. She's very considerate and she cares for the people around her. I really liked seeing her interact with Ciaran's family. I would've wanted her to get the chance to confront her mother, to really stand up for herself. Maybe in the next book that will happen. I think Rosalia really needs that chance, I truly do believe that.The book is fast-paced and the characters are great. I especially liked Ciaran's sister-in-law. There were some predictable moments, but they didn't ruin the book for me. And I admit, that once in a while predictable is good. So if you like historical romance and bad boys in kilts, give this book a chance.