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The Brotherhood Of Piaxia

The Brotherhood Of Piaxia - Michael Drakich Every once in a while I read a fantasy book that reminds me why I love fantasy. The Brotherhood of Piaxia is one of those books. Warlocks, magic, corruption, war.I thought the book started a bit slow. But it wasn't that "nothing's happening, when is the action starting?" kind of slow. Before the big turning point and before the big changes, we get to meet the main characters and see them evolve, grow up or turn into a better version of themselves. Also, during this time, we see how magic can corrupt, how power can change a person, turning them into tyrants or evil people, capable of anything - even murder.There are a lot of twists and turns and some of them where really unexpected to me. Some were good, some not so good. There were a few characters that died and it really broke my heart. I know that they needed to die in order to show how much damage too much power can do, but it still made me sad.I liked the writing style. And I very much enjoyed the world in this book, the history and the characters. And I loved the battle scenes. There weren't that many, but I loved the strategies they used and the action in those scenes.If you like fantasy you should give The Brotherhood of Piaxia a try. You won't be sorry ;)