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Brownie Fix - Ellen Cardona This is one of those situations where you definitely shouldn't judge a book by it's cover/blurb. When I first started reading Brownie Fix I thought I was going to learn about some funny adventures of a new mom, along with the tragic story of a postpartum depression.What I got instead was the story of a woman struggling with a very serious problem and only very few actually funny moments. It was an uncomfortable read for me, but at the same time it kept me going, it kept me wanting to know how and if Persey gets better.What I loved was how the chapters were tied together depending on the stages of depression. And it showed in the story too, the differences between where she was at the beginning of the story and where she was halfway through.The book is fast paced, but that doesn't mean it's less emotional. Trust me, I felt like I was on a roller coaster while reading it. Once I started to understand a little how Persey's mind worked, I felt all her ups and downs like I was a part of her somehow.I think in the end Brownie Fix is a story with a happy ending. And I think that while it's not an easy read, it definitely is an interesting one and it gives you something to think about.