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Her Heart for the Asking, a western romance (Book 1 - Texas Hearts)

Her Heart for the Asking, a western romance (Book 1 - Texas Hearts) - Lisa Mondello One of my favorite themes in romance has to be the one about second chances. There's just something about them, ya know? This is probably the reason why I enjoyed reading about Mandy and Beau so much.If you love cowboys, you'll definitely love Beau. He's sexy, wild, passionate about what he likes and loves. And I could really see he truly loved Mandy, enough to sacrifice himself to keep her safe. That's one of the reasons I liked him. The other one is that he is a man of his word. He made some promises to Hank, Mandy's uncle, and he never broke them. Besides that, he is funny.Mandy never really got over Beau. She might think she did, but she really still loves him. She has some hurt bottled up inside, not just over Beau, but her family also. I felt like she would to... explode or something. I don't know, I was expecting her at some point to scream, kick, yell, whatever. But she didn't act like a brat, she acted like an adult the whole time and I respected her for that. She sacrificed herself and her dreams to work for her father, a job I don't really think she wanted or enjoyed.I loved the fact that it wasn't some "oh, we've been here before, let's hook up again for old times' sake" kind of story. Both Mandy and Beau had some growing up to do before getting back together and they both needed to say and hear some things.I really enjoyed reading Her Heart for the Asking and I can't wait to read the other books in this series. You should try it out, the book was good.