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Soul Weaver - Hailey Edwards 4.5 starsArchangels, fallen angels, demons... *le sigh* That's basically what my brain picked up when I first read the blurb to Soul Weaver. That is, after I stopped drooling at the cover. Seriously, that is one hawt cover!One thing I loved about this book, besides the paranormal theme, was Chloe's agoraphobia. Wait, that sounds bad, I know. I didn't love that she had it, I loved the way it was portrayed. It was extremely accurate and for a few moments, as I was reading about Chloe's episodes, I was sucked in, almost feeling her fears as if they were my own. It was very vivid and frightening and it showed how debilitating it was for Chloe to have it, how scary. I think everyone that has a phobia or at least a great fear of something can probably relate to how Chloe is feeling (I know I do).Then there's Nathaniel. There's just something about him, you know? Besides the fact that he's a fallen angel, besides the aura of danger that surrounds him, there's something incredibly hot about him. I mean really, what guy (or angel guy) can work his ass off on a porch and be sexy? Well, Nathaniel does it.Chloe was interesting. Besides her "small" problem, she seems like a normal person. I liked the fact that you can see how by the end of the book she's a totally different person. She seemed more confident and stronger than when the book started. And I liked her, despite being a heroine who couldn't do much because of her phobia. Maybe that's why I liked her? I mean she was unique in that way, I don't think I've ever read about a character with agoraphobia before.Soul Weaver was a good start for a series and I liked the mythology used in this series. And it was really fast paced without feeling rushed. I'm curious what happens next. I'd definitely recommend this book ;)