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Everlong (Daughters of Askara #1)

Everlong (Daughters of Askara #1) - Hailey Edwards I really loved Everlong. I know I say this a lot, but I do love unique approaches and new worlds. Everlong definitely has that. And what's really good about it is that you don't see a stereotype anywhere. I've never read about winged demons (*sigh*) so I was very happy (and in love, yes!) when I read about Clayton and the other hot demons.The thing I liked above anything else is the way you get to see the relationship between Maddie and Clayton evolve before the hot sex happens. Probably because of Maddie's story, but I really loved that we get to see that. Also, it gives Clayton a chance to prove that he loves Maddie for her, not for some physical, hormonal thing. Speaking of Clayton. Can I swoon now? The guy is not only hot and funny, he also has a lot of charm. But the thing I liked most about him was that he didn't try to copy Harper. He didn't try to become someone other than himself and I loved that. And his feelings for Madelyn are so strong and powerful that he'd be willing to do anything for her, including letting her be with another man if that's what makes her happy. That makes him even more manly in my eyes. I loved that about him. Also, the man has wings :DMaddie broke my heart a few times. Made me want to kill her stepdad more than once. And torture her mom. See, that's another reason I loved this book and I'm sure a lot of readers can agree. It's one thing to say "oh, this character had some really bad stuff happen to them, I'm so sorry blah blah blah" and it's a very different thing to feel what the character feels and to want to jump inside the story and kill a few bad guys. For me, while I do get captivated by a book, it's not something that happens very often, that besides my mind that gets captivated by the story, my actual emotions are "present" there also. So that's another reason to love Everlong. So if you love paranormal/fantasy, you should really try this series :)