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Socialpunk - Monica Leonelle I have to say, Socialpunk surprised me a lot. From the moment I read the prologue for the first time, I was thrown into a very unique world that I never thought I could go to. The take on world, reality and Earth that you find in this book is completely new to me. I think it's very daring to take that path, but I do believe the author made a great job.It's a very fast-paced novel and I felt that every page brought something new. I loved that it really kept me on the edge of my seat and it was really engaging. What I loved most was that beneath the danger and the suspense, I realized this book was full with teenagers. I saw a lot of typical teenage behavior in what Ima and Dash and all the other characters did and I loved that. I mean, you could see the angst, the impulsiveness characteristic to people so young. It made me really connect with the characters. There were some moments when I felt that Vaughn was a little too quick to change his mood, but then again he is a teenager. I loved the idea with the comic book. Sort of a new way to show a prophecy. If you accept that a piece of stone with something carved in it can tell you when the world's going to end, why not believe a comic book can do the same, you know?What took me completely by surprise was the ending. I did not see that one coming, I swear. I was reading and the next moment I'm staring at the screen wanting to scream "WHAT?" Sort of like when you're watching a very engaging episode and before you know it the big black screen with the "TO BE CONTINUED" thing comes up. I can't wait to see what's next. I'm actually very, very curious.