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Lust on the Rocks - Dianne Venetta The first thing I liked about this book was the fact that both the hero and the heroine were lawyers. It's been some time since I've read a book about a lawyer. And I enjoyed the coaching of the witnesses, seeing how they tried to figure out what the best way to question a witness was, who was better at captivating the jury, every little detail about the case.Sam Rawlings is a very interesting character. She's a very good lawyer in my opinion. She's also sarcastic, stubborn, fun, sexy. I liked that about her. She's a very complex character. She's also the oldest sister and she had to help raise her brothers and sisters. So she's clearly used to being in control of the situation and to take some or all decisions. I think this last part affects her relationships, because she has that "I'm older, so I know better" attitude sometimes. I like the fact that in the end, she admits when she's wrong.Vic is an easy guy to like. He's fun, sexy, smart, sweet, a very good listener and a good friend. His past is really painful and it made me really sad. It also made me like him more, because for someone who's been through so much at an early age, he wasn't bitter or angry at the world.There's also a pretty interesting subplot involving Sam's younger sister, Jess. The subject of the unexpected pregnancy wasn't disturbing. It was the way it was treated that was a little more outside of my comfort zone. I understand part of Sam's reasoning, but it wasn't her choice. At times I felt that just because she didn't have a desire to become a mother all the women around her should be the same. It probably isn't something that crossed Sam's mind, but it was the way I understood her.But the subplot aside, this book was very good, fun, light, sexy, romantic. It was a good read.