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Do They Wear High Heels In Heaven?

Do They Wear High Heels In Heaven? - Erica Orloff For some reason, when I bought this book I didn't even read the blurb. That's how much I loved the cover and the title *blush* Between the title and the cover I figured it was something about angels and didn't even think about reading the blurb and since my instincts rarely deceive me, I went with the flow. And I'm glad I did. Because I'm sure that I would've seen that "C word" part and freak out and then I would've miss a good book.Lily, a single mom and a reporter, is asked to do an article about breast cancer and mammograms. She already has the article planed out. She know how it's going to sound like, what she's going to write about. But then the test results come back and the doctors tell her they need to perform more tests. When Lily find out that she has cancer she refuses to be a victim, saying that if she's going to die, she'll do it with style.I liked Lily. Lily is a loving mother, a very good friend and a strong woman. She's the type of person that goes through life with a good dose of sarcasm and a strong will. She won't let what happens to her crumble her. If she falls, she gets back up. She's witty and funny.Lily's best friend is Michael, an English professor. Michael is the best friend every girl needs. The one that stands next to you no matter what, the one you can call in the middle of the night because you have a problem, knowing that he won't hang up the phone and will actually listen to what you have to say, the one that will always remember your birthday and even if you're too old for funny gifts, he'll get you a gift fit for a 20 year old. Yes, Michael is gay, but I don't think that his sexual orientation comes between Lily and him. Only, of course, if they have the hots for the same guy. He takes care of Lily when she's sick and agrees to take over the custody of her kids after she dies. He's the best friend ever.The book is different from what I usually read. It's bittersweet and it made me cry. Yes, CRY cry. It takes a lot to make me cry, but this book did it. I think everyone should read it.