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Bitten - Kelley Armstrong I remembered last week that I was supposed to read this book for the Women of the Otherworld reading challenge. Now that I've read it, I can honestly say I have no idea what made me wait this long to read it. I did enjoy it, a lot I might add.What I really liked about this book was that there wasn't a scene that I felt was less important for the main plot. You know how sometimes you read a book full of unimportant scenes that are there just to make you wait till the end? I didn't have that feeling with Bitten. That's what was so good about it, the fact that every scene, every little detail was important and it all played a part in the main plot.Also, this was not your typical werewolf novel. I enjoyed the new take on these creatures and, as with vampires, it is hard to find a book that to me is fresh and Bitten managed that. I do hope that in the future books we get to explore more of the history of werewolves and the Pack.The book was fast-paced and very intense. It made me "feel" like a part of the action, which is actually rare for me with a book written in first person. Actually, for a big part of the reading, I forgot it was written in 1st person.I liked the sarcasm, the action, the tense moments, the tender moments, the funny scenes, the sad scenes, I loved them all. Then there was this very hot scene with a tree *sigh* Yeah, loved it all.I think if you like urban fantasy, paranormal, werewolves and supernatural creatures, this is the book for you. I'm just sorry I didn't read it earlier.