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No Humans Involved - Kelley Armstrong I was so happy to finally read this book. You know, it's Jeremy!! If I had to pick a Best Werewolf of all times, it would be Jeremy. He's the perfect werewolf and yet he's so not the perfect hero. He's strong, smart, sexy, powerful, funny, caring, patient. And then there are the few moments of weakness, not in a "oh my god, I'm helpless, I don't know what to do" way. But in such a sweet way. Like when he talks to Jaime about his alpha status and what it actually means and there's a moment when you can actually feel his patience sort of dimming a little. You could see how frustrated he was. Did I say he's sexy? Yes, yes he is. He's very sexy. Swoon-worthy!Then there's Jaime. She's a redhead first and that's always a good thing. I love redheaded heroines *grin*. But she's also extremely funny. And I loved her brain. She really is smart. She's also sexy and she isn't ashamed of acting like a sexy woman. I liked seeing her getting flustered while talking on the phone with Jeremy. There's this adorable scene with them, I think it was in Haunted? Anyway, it was very cute and sweet and funny. And I also liked the fact that she tried to not ask for help. I think anyone in her shoes would have done it, would have called for help and play the weak female card. But she didn't. Also, she was lucky that Jeremy let her do that. I have a feeling that Jeremy wanted nothing more than to make her sit quietly in a corner while he took all the risks and do all the crazy, dangerous stuff that needed to be done.You'll get some suspense with this book. I liked that I didn't figure out who was doing the bad things. You'll also get to see some very, very hot, sexy scenes *fans self* And it's Jeremy, for God's sake. You can never go wrong if you're reading a book or scenes with or about him.