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Haunted (Women of the Otherworld Series #5)

Haunted (Women of the Otherworld Series #5) - 4.5 starsOh Eve! You broke my heart. I actually didn't expect that. I thought I'd see a somewhat cool demon-witch-ghost that was scary as hell, with a heart as black as night and a major bitch. Yes, I had misconceptions and yes, I'm ashamed of that.From the second book of the series, Stolen, we know Eve was a "bad witch", one that used black magic to get whatever she wanted and she used her powers to help the wrong people, the ones that payed the highest price for her services. We also know that she's Savannah's mother. What that book and the other 2 following books don't show you is that Eve is capable of love, she knows what's right or wrong, she is capable of suffering and she would do anything for her daughter. Also, she is an honorable woman, even though she is kind of bad *grin* - once she makes a promise, she keeps it no matter what. She's also vulnerable. Now, don't think she isn't bad-ass, because she is and she can kick major ass. She's just very, very complex. And not what I expected.I loved that we get to see her getting a second chance at love. And with the love of her life, Savannah's dad. Kris was also surprising. Though I was expecting him to be more...Cabal-ish? Mean? Different from the other sorcerer and Cabal relative, Lucas Cortez. There's one thing that made me too sad and the reason I can't give this book the highest rating: the ending. It didn't feel like a happy ending. I know, I know, the bad guy is captured and punished, Kris and Eve get back together, nobody dies and Eve gets to redeem herself. But I felt it was bittersweet. The very last scene left me kind of raw and on the verge of tears actually. And it wasn't in a good, "oh, I so understand what this character is going through" kind of tears, it was more along the lines of "crap, this is so unfair! *sniff*sniff*". That's basically the only thing that I wished was different. Other than that, I loved it and I hope there's another Eve/Kris story in the next books/short stories. Now I'm off to read Broken. (I wanted to wait, read one book per month, for the entire duration of the Women Of The Otherworld reading challenge BUT: 1. I can't wait a month to read the next one, I love this series so much and 2. I'm ready for a certain someone and a certain hot male to get together, which I hope will happen in Thirteen. )