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Desire Unchained - Larissa Ione Originally on Ruby's BooksI thought long and hard about this review, most of all on how to start it. So, after many hours of brainstorming, I've decided to go forward with brutal honesty. I'm sorry in advance if I ruffle some feathers.When I first read about Shade, in Pleasure Unbound, I didn't like him very much. I didn't understand him at all. The way he acted with women, the way he talked about them... Yes, I understood that as a Seminus demon his needs were more...particular. But I can't say that I accepted him all that much. That, combined with the fact that I really wanted to read Wraith's book, didn't exactly allow me to be ecstatic about reading Shade's story. I am now ashamed of myself. For those of you who might judge Shade before you get to his and Runa's story, let me tell you that you have to wait. I get where you're coming from, but have patience. 'Cause Shade will surprise you. He's so not the shallow, uncaring guy I thought. He's so sweet and sexy. And he's also a tad tortured. He's a great brother and he's very protective of those he cares about. After reading his story I can honestly say that it's impossible not to like him. He also had a kinkier side :DRuna was amazing. I think she's perfect for Shade. Brave, stubborn, she's able to calm Shade a little, while keeping him on his toes. I was so heartbroken after we get her story. And I liked that her brother tried to protect her after she gets bitten by a werewolf. I liked her brother a lot and I am hoping that we'll get a story for him too. We get to learn more about the creatures in this series and we get to learn more about the brothers' history. And there's this super hot subplot with a certain half-demon and a human warrior *shivers* It's impossible not to love those two. I just wished they'd get a book just for them. I feel like they need more time in the spotlight. If you haven't read this series, do stop waiting. It's good and it's a breath of fresh air. Like I said before, I believe that demons are the new vampires :D