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Rogue Rider - Larissa Ione Oh boy. I know I didn't review the other books from this series, but I just can't wait. Let me start by saying that I was oh so very surprised by this book. I didn't expect to love Reseph as much as I did. And I also wasn't expecting to love his book almost as much as I loved Than's book (Lethal Rider). In case you haven't read this series (shame on you!), Reseph has been the bad guy for almost the entire series. It wasn't until the very end of Lethal Rider that he gets to become one of the good guys again. Even in his bad I'm-going-to-kill-anything-that-moves state, I didn't hate him as much as I should have. Probably because I knew that his story would come and because I was going to get to read his story really fast (see, there's a good part to this whole late to read a series thing I have going on!). I was hoping for something big for his story and I wasn't disappointed. From the tortured hero to the strong heroine and ending with some surprising news and turns and twists, Rogue Rider has it all. I'll be honest and say that I loved Thanatos out of all three brothers more. Now, before you call me names let me say that yes, I KNOW there's a sister, Limos, as well, but honestly, how can you not love her? Plus, I was just talking about Ares, Than and Reseph. Even if I loved Than more, I think Reseph is really close to becoming my second favorite (Ares is trying to hold on with all his power to that title). There's this scene that made me want to grab Reseph's brothers and sister and smack them upside the head. Hard. I know what he did while he was the bad guy was...well, bad, but let's be honest, he wasn't himself. Plus, the guy has an amazing sense of humor.I loved Jillian. There was this small fear of mine of her character. You know how sometimes you get the scarred heroine that is not strong and too afraid of her past that you want to shake really hard? I was so relieved Jillian isn't one of those female characters. What she's been through in the past was very difficult to overcome, but she made it. She became stronger, partially on her own and partially thanks to Reseph, but she did it. She didn't let fear become her second nature. And I liked her for Reseph. She's a very good influence. And it was cute to see how a "mere human" could be stronger in some occasions that an ancient warrior. We get to see Reaver some more and boy, is he one sexy angel. You'll find some curious things about him. And his book is next *squees* Bottom line is that I am oh so happy that I got to read this series as well (besides the Demonica series, I mean). I'm also sad that I finished it so fast *pout* If you haven't read this series yet, do it. NOW! Go, buy it and read it. Oh, and remember to read the Demonica series first :D You'll love that one too. Anyway, read it! Just maybe not as fast as I did, so that you won't be in misery waiting for Reaver's book *sigh*