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Casual - Oksana Robski, Antonina W. Bouis For the full review, go to my blog: http://rubys-books.blogspot.com/2012/01/book-review-casual-by-oksana-robski.htmlThis book reminded me of Desperate Housewives, only in Russia. You have funny moments, tragic moments, some tears, plots and schemes and money. Lots and lots of money. The heroine of this book is very witty, sarcastic, sometimes almost snarky. Her and her friends are rich and they aren't afraid of showing that. The author takes you from spas to exclusive restaurants and clubs, where the rich people in Moscow have fun, drink, gossip and flirt. I liked the feel of reality this book had. It truly made me believe that about half of the things that happened in the book might happen in real life, which is really rare in a book. And the little intrigues, the every day life experiences, like running into an ex, or your lover and his wife and realizing he's not going to leave her for you, or finding out your late husband's mistress is pregnant, being threatened by the mob, all those subplots made this a very interesting read. At times though, some of the characters blended together, probably because some of them had very similar names. All in all, this was an interesting book. If you're a fan of chick lit, then you should give this book a try.